the one about antidepressants

the one about antidepressants

my body is numb
my mind can see
even if colours
have drained to grey

the warning bells
are dead

it lived in my bones
shook me
like an earthquake,
valdoxan took its place

people say i have come
out of my shell
but no, instead
my shell disintegrated (damn you valdoxan)
i am left

danger surrounds me
and i can’t care

thaw my body

fog my mind

deafen me
with sirens

make my world
come alive


At the moment, I’m taking the anti-depressant Valdoxan. I’ve found it far harder to write since starting on medication. My head is too clear. Everything is dull. Hence, this poem.

6 thoughts on “the one about antidepressants

  1. Maybe you need a change of medication? I’m on antidepressants and although I felt like everything was dull before it’s starting to improve now. Also get your B12 checked just in case it’s low x


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